Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Northstar Club?
The Northstar Club is a Member owned enclave of luxurious residences ideally located within Northstar California™. In addition to owning the spacious three or four bedroom residences, Northstar Club Members have full access to the entire Village at Northstar™.

What are the advantages of Northstar Club ownership?
The Northstar Club has been designed to: provide more convenience, services and amenities than are provided by an equally luxurious vacation home; provide owners with generous and flexible vacation use; remove the worries typically associated with vacation home ownership; and significantly reduce the financial burden through common ownership of the private residences.

Is the Northstar Club a typical timeshare development?
No. Timeshare is typically the ownership (or right to use) of a specific week and is limited to lodging in a specific residence. The Northstar Club is owned and enjoyed much like a private, equity golf country club. Northstar Club Members have access to all residences within their membership category, with the right to use anytime, subject to the Reservations Policies and Procedures. With only seven owners per residence, Northstar Club Members have abundant and flexible use of their Club facilities.

Are there similar clubs at other resorts?
Yes. Affluent buyers at premier resorts such as Aspen, Vail, Telluride, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and Deer Valley, Utah have enthusiastically embraced this ownership concept. There are also Clubs at beach, golf and urban locations. Each of these Clubs is operated much like the Northstar Club.

How is ownership of the Northstar Club evidenced?
Title is evidenced by a real estate deed, which is recorded and is guaranteed by a title insurance policy. Each Northstar Club Member is conveyed a 1/7th, undivided deeded interest in one of the Club's fully furnished residences.

How many Northstar Club Memberships will be sold?
The Northstar Club strictly limits the number of Memberships to no more than seven owners per residence.

May my Membership be resold?
Yes. Like any other form of real estate, a Northstar Club Member's undivided deeded interest can be sold or transferred by the Northstar Club Member, or sold by a licensed real estate agent through the multiple listing services, subject to the Northstar Club Declaration.

May more than one family or individual share a single Northstar Club Membership?
Yes. Individuals may form partnerships or other entities to hold title in Northstar Club Membership. A maximum of two partners have ownership privileges at Northstar Club, and it will be up to the joint owners to designate one individual who may allocate reservations for that Membership in compliance with the Reservations Policies and Procedures.

Is the Northstar Club open to the public?
The Northstar Club is privately owned and operated for the enjoyment of Northstar Club Members and their guests.

As a Northstar Club Member, how often may I stay at my Residence Club?
You may stay as often as you wish, subject to the Reservations Policies and Procedures. Each Northstar Club Member may reserve up to two weeks of Planned Summer visits and two weeks of Planned Winter visits. After all Planned weeks are reserved, Northstar Club Members may reserve additional time on a Space Available basis. There is no limit to the amount of use. If some Northstar Club Members visit less than their available time, other Northstar Club Members may use it more. However, Northstar Club Members may not stay more than 30 consecutive days. The Reservations Policies and Procedures provide a detailed explanation of Northstar Club Member use privileges.

How does a Northstar Club Member reserve visits?
The reservation policies allow Northstar Club Members to reserve visits well in advance while also accommodating last-minute getaway decisions. Northstar Club Members reserve their Planned summer weeks in February, and their Planned winter weeks in August. After all Planned weeks are reserved, Northstar Club Members may reserve additional weeks with Space Available reservations. The Reservations Policies and Procedures provide a detailed explanation of Northstar Club Member use privileges.

What if the number of Members wishing to visit during certain time periods exceeds the number of available residences?
The reservation policies have been designed to equitably allocate reservations when demand may exceed lodging supply. A rotating priority reservation system ensures that all Northstar Club Members have equal access to lodging during high-demand periods over the years. The Reservations Policies and Procedures provide a detailed explanation of the reservation process.

Will Northstar Club Members always stay in the same residence?
No. Northstar Club Members have equal access to all residences within their ownership category to provide the greatest access and flexibility.

How are residences assigned?
Residences are assigned based upon the Members' priority reservation number. Members may request specific residences. however this is a request only and cannot be guaranteed.

May Northstar Club Members reserve more than one residence during the same time period?
Yes. Because Northstar Club Members are not restricted to a particular residence, they may reserve more than one residence at any given time if sufficient residences are available.

Is there a pool or workout facilities?
Members of the Northstar Club have access to the Recreation Center located directly adjacent to our building. The Rec Center has pools and Jacuzzis, a fully-equipped gym, and tennis courts. Massage services are also available.

Do Members have Recreation Center privileges if they are not staying at the Club?
No. Only Northstar Club Members in residence have access to the Rec Center.

As a Northstar Club Member, may I visit residence clubs in other resorts?
Yes. Northstar Club Members have the opportunity to participate in a trade agreement with the Registry Collection. Members may trade their Planned summer or winter vacation weeks

What is the Registry Collection?
As an owner at one of the affiliated properties, you have the option of enrollment as a Member of The Registry Collection program, which offers you a world of luxury vacation opportunities and experiences in many of the most desirable resort destinations. Those opportunities continue to grow, as The Registry Collection recently added its 200th resort, and has more on the way! Members of The Registry Collection program - now more than 30,000 in number - are able to enjoy distinctive benefits and exclusive services beyond simply exchanging into affiliated resorts. The Registry Collection Concierge stands ready to assist you with whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Whether your requirements include theater tickets, a trendy table, a transatlantic charter - or simply someone to walk your dog - The Registry Collection Concierge is your 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year lifestyle solution.

In addition, Members of The Registry Collection program enjoy access to numerous luxury travel service providers. Enjoy special pricing, added services, and other truly unique opportunities to enhance your luxury experience.

Can I bring my pet to the Northstar Club?
No. Pets are not permitted on the property except for service animals in the company of a disabled person. If evidence of pets in the building is discovered, a fine of $500 minimum will be imposed.

Which family members have Northstar Club Membership privileges?
The parents and children of the owners have membership privileges. Ownership privileges are extended to a maximum of two owners per membership.

If I am not able to use my membership for an extended period of time, may I designate someone else to use my membership?
Under certain circumstances, an Owner of Record may designate another party to use their membership. The Owner of Record is ultimately responsible for all dues and fees associated with the membership. The Owner of Record forfeits all rights of use during the time such rights are designated to another party. The Owner of Record must provide the Northstar Club with a written notification of such designation and must provide all pertinent information regarding the designated Member.

How many does each residence accommodate?
Each 3-bedroom residence will sleep six persons. Each 4-bedroom residence will sleep eight persons. An additional two persons may be accommodated on portable bedding that is available from the front desk. In order to limit noise and ensure the comfort of guests in surrounding residences, no more than 8 persons may be accommodated in a 3-bedroom residence, and no more than 10 persons may be accommodated in a 4-bedroom residence.

What do Northstar Club Members pay when visiting the Northstar Club?
A housekeeping fee will be charged for each visit. Daily service includes trash removal, towel replenishment, and bed making. Northstar Club Members and guests may request full maid service at an extra charge. A daily gratuity fee is also charged. Please see the Financial Information sheet for current housekeeping and maid service charges. In an effort to preserve our natural resources, towels will be changed upon request only. Towels left hanging on the rack or on the shower will not be changed. Towels left on the
floor will be changed.

Is there a discounted housekeeping fee for stays of less than one week?
Yes. Housekeeping fees are based on stays of one to three nights, and four to seven nights.

If I leave before my scheduled date of departure, must I pay for the entire week?
Unless written notification is received at least 14 days prior to your scheduled arrival, you will be charged for the full week's housekeeping and gratuity fees. The gratuity fees collected will not be distributed to the employees but will be added to the Club's general fund.

Is tipping of employees expected?
For your convenience, a nightly gratuity fee is charged and distributed among the employees. No other tipping is necessary or expected.

Can I rent my reserved weeks if I am unable to use the time myself?
No. Rentals are not permitted. You may send unaccompanied guests to use your Planned Vacation Weeks, or you may trade them with the Registry Collection.

Can I trade my time with another Member?
Yes. Members may trade their reserved weeks with other Northstar Club Members; however, their original status will remain the same. A Member trading a Space Available week will acquire a Space Available week. A Member trading a Planned week will acquire a Planned week.

What daily activities are offered at the Club?
When occupancy levels permit (and every day during the prime summer and winter seasons), breakfast is served in the back lounge from 8-10:30 am. A hot entrée, a selection of pastries, and coffee and juice is available. In addition, a special weekend breakfast offering is served. Most afternoons, a selection of hors d'oeuvres, wine and beer is served in the front lobby. During the prime summer and winter seasons activities such as BBQ's, ice cream socials, movie nights, wine tastings and dinners, etc. are planned. The evening reception is meant to be a time for socializing while enjoying hors d'oeuvres and a drink or two. We ask that guests limit consumption to a few drinks and a modest portion of appetizers.

Does the Northstar Club have a Concierge?
Yes. Concierge services are provided and include restaurant reservations, suggestions and reservations for area activities, as well as reservations for ski/snowboard lessons and equipment rental. Whatever you need, our staff is available to help.

Is parking available?
Yes. The Northstar Club has a heated parking garage. Each residence has one parking space inside the garage available for Members' use. There are a limited number of parking spaces available outside the building that are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

What are the hours the front desk is staffed?
During the prime summer and winter seasons, the front desk is staffed between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm. In the off-season, the desk is staffed according to occupancy but always from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Does the Northstar Club have a maintenance staff?

Does the Northstar Club have a bell-staff?
The front desk staff is always available to assist with luggage and equipment.

Does the Northstar Club have any handicapped equipped residences?
Yes. There is one residence that is fully equipped for handicapped persons. In addition, all residences are accessible by elevator.

Can I smoke on the property?
No. Smoking of any substance is prohibited anywhere on the property, including the balconies and garage. A penalty of $500 minimum will be assessed if evidence of smoking is discovered. Northstar California™ is also a non-smoking resort and has designated smoking areas located in their parking lot.

Do Northstar Club Members pay annual fees?
Yes. Northstar Club Members pay annual fees for the professional management and operation of all Northstar Club residences. Included in these annual fees are funds for salaries, supplies, maintenance, window washing, trash removal, legal/accounting, insurance, utilities, property taxes, Rec Center dues, and replacement and/or refurbishing of Club facilities. Please see the Financial Information sheet for current annual fees.

How are property taxes handled?
Your property taxes are included in your quarterly assessments and are paid on your behalf by the Northstar Club Members' Association.

Who establishes the fees of the Northstar Club?
The Board of Directors of the Northstar Club Members' Association establishes budgets and fees on an annual basis.

Does the Northstar Club have a Reserve Fund?
Yes. Each year funds are set aside for expenses which include furnishings, mechanical equipment, building upgrades, etc. The Northstar Club has contracted with an outside firm to conduct an annual inspection of the property to ensure that the funds set aside are adequate.

Can my friends use my reserved time at the Northstar Club?
Northstar Club Members may bring friends or extended family to the Northstar Club at any time during their reserved vacation weeks. If the Member is not present, friends and extended family of the Member may only use the Club's facilities during the Members' Planned Vacation weeks. If Club occupancy is below 60%, Members may send Unaccompanied Guests to the Club at the discretion of the management.

What is an Unaccompanied Guest?
An Unaccompanied Guest is someone other than the owner or that owner's immediate family.